Are you about to take your newborn for their very first photo shoot? Well then, here are some mistakes you want to avoid at all costs!

  • Not paying attention to your newborn – your infant’s photography session revolves around your newborn, but most of the time, parents tend to forget the needs of the little star of the photoshoot. Make sure to consider the needs of your newborn first – you need to adapt to his or her schedule when working with them. It’s very common for babies to be fussy, so expect to waste some time to tend to your baby’s needs. To make sure that they will be as calm as possible, it is ideal to properly feed before coming to the photoshoot. Ensuring that the temperature of the room is ideal is also a plus: either you can wear gloves or use heating pads (if the room does not have a heater) or make sure that the room is cosy.
    • Trying to do too much in too little time – when it comes to good baby photography, you want to make sure that you have plenty of time to do what you are expecting to. For one, you certainly won’t be taking a couple of pictures, and for two, your baby will definitely need breaks in between (and maybe from the start itself!). Book your photographer for the day if possible, and get to the photoshoot with the easiest pictures first. This will ensure that you cover as much of the work in the beginning. Leave the more difficult shots which take time to prepare for last, even if you might not be able to do them within the day.
      • Paying the wrong way – when paying the newborn photographer Hawthorn, it is generally a good idea to refrain from paying per hour. This is because there are cases where babies can be in a bad mood for over a few hours, and you will basically be wasting money on these hours. Consider asking the photographer whether he or she accepts payments per session – or more ideally, per photo. This will make sure that you will be paying for work actually done, instead of hours of tending to a newborn without any photos.
        • Not using a spotter – if there is one thing you should make sure to not forget, it is having a spotter. This is basically a person who stands and holds the baby during the more dangerous photos. Photos which have the baby lie down on seemingly uneven or small surfaces (as well as high surfaces) are actually retouched: two photos were taken, with one featuring the baby and the spotter, and the other featuring only the props; these are then merged and the spotter is removed digitally. Accordingly, never try to take dangerous photos without a spotter, because they are supposed to be taken with a spotter!

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The Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make For Your Infant’s Photoshoot

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