Often the phrase “time flies” has been heard and said, but it is never so apparent other than when your little ones are growing up. It seems just like yesterday when your babies were born and the day you got them home, when you were dealing with the sleepless nights and the soiled diapers. Very soon they started sitting, crawling, were introduced to finger foods and in no time they started walking, eating solids and were active toddlers. Time just flies and your little ones are no longer little.

Thinking of all of this would make you want to either freeze time or then preserve all the memories of your munchkins. Below are some creative ideas to cherish and preserve the memories of your newborn forever.

Ideas to cherish your newborn’s memories forever

  • Plan a photoshoot with the newborn We all click umpteen numbers of photographs as soon as the baby is born. The first time he or she is in the mother’s arms, their little toes and fingers and their sleeping expressions are noted. But all these photos seem amateurish. A better idea would be to plan a newborn photography session with a professional. They have a number of ideas as well as props to dress up your newborn for magical pictures that will be cherished forever. The stunning photographs will be a memory that even your grandchildren will love to see and admire.
    • Create a memory shadow boxShadow boxes are a great way to display a few of your child’s favorite things along with photos. It could be their favorite rattle or teddy. You can team this with your favorite romper and bootie of the little one. Maybe the birth certificate can be framed here or the baby shower invitation card or the congratulatory cards that arrived post the baby can be used as backdrop. Anything that was special to your child as a few months old baby can be added to the shadow box and be treasured forever in your family photography Parramatta album.
      • Foot and hand imprints The hand and foot impressions of the baby can be made in clay and preserved as a frame. Nowadays, there are special molds and materials used to create actual hand and foot motifs of the little one in gold finish. These can be framed alongside a photo of your bundle of joy as unique memory.
        • Memory quiltsYou might have a number of baby outfits that you love so much that you never had the heart to give them away even long after the baby outgrew the outfits. These carefully stored clothes can be used to make memory quilts and blankets that can be displayed in your child’s room or even used by them. These are some creative ways to preserve your newborn’s memories.
Cherish Your Newborn’s Birth Forever With These Ideas

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