Your baby is never going to remember any occurrence from his or her first birthday. But that does not mean that it is not something to be taken light. You should always celebrate your baby’s first birthday as it indicates one year of parenthood for you. That is a big achievement. As new parents, you will find it difficult in planning and organizing a birthday event for a one-year old. Therefore, always get as much as help possible from other friends you know, who have experienced parenthood before you. As it is the first event for the new born, make sure you keep it simple and nice. It sure will make it much friendlier and comfortable for the baby, than throwing a big gala and stressing the baby as well as yourself. Your house is going to be crowded with many unexpected and unfamiliar guests for the baby. Some may even be visiting you after a very long time. Therefore, always be prepared for the worst-case scenario. There are other babies who are going to be present, and when one baby starts crying, that is the trigger for other babies to start crying. Being aware of these things will help you laugh off the situation without stressing yourself much. Plan on little fun events for the guests. These events should be ones which the guests, you as well as your baby can enjoy. Ideal would be a photo booth hire Parramatta. Photo booths are very common now. 

These can be hired from wedding photo booth hire to party photo booths. Have party items and special caps and clothes for the guests so that they can participate in taking funny pictures with the baby. These pictures can be saved in an album and you can laugh about it with your child once she grows up. She might not be able to remember it, but having celebrated her first birthday with a blast would make her proud and happy.Make sure that the house is a safety premises for babies. If it is a birthday party for a one-year old, you should expect the presence of many children in the house. Therefore, before the day of the party, make sure that you have kept all sharp objects in a safe place, out of reach of the children. Have a first aid kit ready for any situation so that is, any incident takes place, you would know where to look for the needful. Further, lock any valuable item like an antique ornament or a newly purchased cushion in a separate room if you do not want anyone to accidently drop them or damage them in any way.

Once all these measures are taken, you are set to throw a grand birthday party and enjoy the day.

Celebrate Your Baby’s First Birthday With A Blast

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